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Mr McKenic 9-in-1 Technology Oil 450g

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Mr McKenic® – 9-in-1 Technology Oil is a multi-functional product with a wide variety of applications with its lubricating, corrosion-inhibiting, penetrating and cleaning properties. An effective solution in many situations from lubricating moving parts to maintenance of equipment, Mr McKenic® – 9-in-1 Technology Oil is an essential product in every tool box.

Technically formulated with a low surface tension, Mr McKenic® – 9-in-1 Technology Oil has the ability to penetrate deeply and quickly to break up hardened grease, rust and dirt that cause friction. This excellent penetrating action frees seized mechanisms swiftly, leaving a lubricating film that further reduces frictional resistance to smoothen motion. Hence, effectively eliminates squeaks without any sticky residues.

In addition to the lubricating property, this hydrophobic film of Mr McKenic® – 9-in-1 Technology Oil displaces moisture from wet components, helps to reduce equipment servicing downtimes and prevents any potential electrical failure when water comes into contact with electrical connections.

This protective layer contains a package of corrosion inhibitors which makes Mr McKenic® – 9-in-1 Technology Oil an excellent anti-rust agent. Frequent applications will prevent corrosion from setting in, minimize effects of wear & tear or overheating of equipments and hence, in the long run, helps extend the lifespan of machinery.

Product features:

  • Low surface tension
  • High penetration power
  • Displaces moisture & prevents short-circuit
  • Prevents & removes rust
  • Lubricates
  • Prevents overheating
  • Non-flammable
  • Odourless
  • Withstands temperature
  • Cleans stubborn stains

Direction for use: 

Always apply on a piece of clean cloth and test on a small area before applying on non-metal, painted or any other sensitive surfaces.

For Aerosol Can Packing:

  1. Shake Can well before use.
  2. Fit straw onto nozzle to reach inaccessible areas.
  3. To lubricate, spray directly onto targeted areas.
  4. To treat rusted parts, spray directly to saturate target areas. Allow to soak for 5-10 minutes. Agitate if necessary.
  5. To displace moisture, spray onto contact points.
  6. To prevent rust, first treat rusted areas, then re-spray directly onto target area to leave a layer of protection. Do not wipe off.
  7. Use short bursts instead of a long continuous spray.


For Bulk Packing:

  1. Product can be applied using soak, spray and brush methods. Put on Personal Protective Equipment.
  2. Pour Mr McKenic® – 9-in-1 Technology Oil slowly into a chemical-resistant container or sprayer.
  3. To lubricate, either use a sprayer to spray directly onto target areas or soak moving components for 1-2 mins before bringing them out to drip-dry. Do not wipe off.
  4. To treat rusted parts, allow rusty components to soak for 5-10 mins. Agitate rusted surface by means of a copper brush. Wipe off with a clean cloth. Repeat if necessary.
  5. To prevent rust, allow components to soak for 1-2 mins before bringing them out to drip-dry. Do not wipe off. 

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